Sweet Derrick - Vocals, Harp, Guitar and Leading Man

Being self-taught on guitar and harmonica gives Sweet Derrick a unique feel and sound. He has been called "The Real Deal" and always delivers a show that you can take home with you and talk about.

Fraser Melvin - Guitarist

Fraser Melvin cooks with gas and sings his heart out too. He also is a bandleader in his own right. Watch out. The man is a powerhouse!


Bruce Griffin - Bassist

Bruce plays every note like it is more than just one phat one at a time. He wants them all to have a personality all their own. He also wants them to make you want to move your tush. Check out his YouTube channel for other bands he plays in. https://www.youtube.com/user/bigbassbadman

Ian ('Southpaw') McKinnon - Drummer

Ian has played with The Lincolns, Dominic Troiano and Fathead but he really loves laying it down for that Sweet Derrick sound.

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