We have an agent now who has booked three gigs for us and hopefully there will be more! Thanks Liz! The Cabbagetown Arts Festival on Sunday, September 11th from 3:30 to 6:30 pm in Anniversary Park and then somewhere on MOunt Pleasant Ave, south of Eglinton in a similar time slot on Saturday, September 24th. It's time to put some video together so we can crack some of those summer Bles festivals around Ontario.

Was I ever embarrassed when I followed the TD Jazz Festival link last month and saw the old 2014 dates on this website. But thanks for linking us. My bad, totally. So now our dates are current and I have a picture of Ian McKinnon who took over on drums at the beginning of this year. Also, I can tell you that I am still tingling from having Serena Ryder get up and sing a tune with us back in May. It was a huge kick, as you can imagine. I hope the version of "Clean Up Woman" by Betty Wright that we learned for her was good enough to coax her back sometime in the future. How about a little "Stompa"? Jaymz Bee dropped by with his Jazz Safari for the first set that night so it was a double thrill for the band. Do come out and stay late for our gospel rendition of "Let's Go Get Stoned". We like to end the night with it because it can give you chills upa yo backbone. "Sociable......."

Hello folks. Long time no talk to. I finally added some pics from January and March gigs. We had Ian McKinnon playing drums on Jan. 11th, and we got some nice pictures from Ken Geiger which I had to shrink incredibly small to have them posted ;) Thanks Ken! Beau Stocker showed up from England to sit in. You can compare his old pictures with us to his new ones. Interesting. Then on February 8th we had a friend of Mike Brushey's play drums. Young Justin Ruppel did a great job, having never heard the band before. People were actually coming up asking how long we'd played together. It's always fun to be able to say, "oh, about 35 minutes...". Justin has lots of experience with Dixieland, blues and jazz, so he was a great fit with what we do. Finally Mike Brushey was back to play on March 8th and we had a very good night thanks to Jaymz Bee showing up (early) with his Jazz Safari group and a couple of lovely ladies volunteering to take the "Music Appreciation" Jar around for us. Thank you kindly! See you at The Gate on April 12th.

It's a New Year with new Sweet Derrick originals and a steady entry on your calendar for the whole year. Mark down the second Saturday of every month as your date with us at Gate 403. We promise to never disappoint! We are adding tunes and working towards a second recording sometime this year - mostly because we've almost run out of copies of the first live CD. Come on down and check out Derrick's latest tunes, see what Fraser is singing with the band, what bass Bruce is using and whether Brushey or McKinnon is on drums. Always an interesting night of danceable and rockin' jazzy blues at the fabulous Gate 403. We will be posting pictures of our fans of the month on this website, so come on out and join us here on our Pics page. See you there!

I got a text on the day of the gig to tell us that Sweet Derrick had the flu and we would have to do the gig without him. It's a good thing that Fraser Melvin fronts his own band and that Bruce Griffin does half the singing with his classic rock band The Binder Brothers, because that allowed mostly Fraser, with some Bruce assistance, to cover the missing vocals ( but not the high energy entertainment level) of Sweet Derrick. Actually the energy level was pretty high as Fraser worked his butt off to lead the trio and introduced some new tunes to the mix, including "Your Mouth Is Working Overtime". The band rocked a funky version of "Use Me" and a soulful version of Bill Withers' "Grandma's Hands" as well. Fraser told Bruce to play an intro to "Thrill Is Gone" then took off for the bathroom to start the third set - which was a good idea considering the set went from midnight right through to 1 am. A table of six - mostly from the Ukraine - Hi to Vlad and Julie - reserved a table by the band expecting to hear Derrick from the previous month's introduction to him, and then ended up staying the rest of the night for the trio's show. One odd thing was that the band played without any guests joining them, which is an extremely rare thing. Mike Brushey played a killer drum solo in Slim Harpo's "Hip Shake" and got the place jumping to the beat. Overall, folks had a great time and the band got to play a bunch of new material from Fraser and Bruce's repertoires.

We will see you all next June 28th for the next rockin' Sweet Derrick show.

Hey folks, by now if you know anything about the band, you will know that the student has taken over the teacher's position with Sweet Derrick. Jeff Peacock has decided to move on to other projects and Fraser Melvin (of The Fraser Melvin Blues Band and B.F. Soul) has slipped into the lead guitar chair. It only makes sense because he has sat in with the band so many times over the past several years.

I also wanted to mention that Derrick was recently asked to be part of Burlington Guitarist James Anthony's live Cogeco TV show featuring local artists. He put together a cool band with his regular keyboard player ( who's name I do not know) and the phenomenal drummer Bucky Berger who played with Rough Trade and my personal favourite band from the 80's - The Honolulu Heartbreakers. (As well as The Rockin' Deltoids.) You will also see the lovely and talented Alison Young on saxophone and she is a real treat to have ripping off solos on the bandstand.What a gal! Maybe she'll sit in with us at the Gate one day. Hope to see you out there! We are alternating randomly between Fridays and Saturdays this year and are booked right through to December. Come on down! Here's the link again.


Sweet Derrick likes to go by various names. Perhaps he's not all that comfortable telling people how sweet he is. But he is. He recorded a live CD in Port Perry in 2002 under the name "The Shuffledogs". It was produced by the drummer at the time - Eric Clipsham. Those are the snippets you are hearing on the Tunes page. More and more to come. Video will get posted as soon as I figure out the best way to do it... He has also called the band "Sweet Derrick and The Mack Knives". (MySpace) Now we have simplified it for Internet purposes. So let's just run with "Sweet Derrick". It's the name that Jaymz Bee at Jazz FM knows us by. So for Jaymz, here we are: "Sweet Derrick", plain and simple.

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