Was I ever embarrassed when I followed the TD Jazz Festival link last month and saw the old 2014 dates on this website. But thanks for linking us. My bad, totally. So now our dates are current and I have a picture of Ian McKinnon who took over on drums at the beginning of this year. Also, I can tell you that I am still tingling from having Serena Ryder get up and sing a tune with us back in May. It was a huge kick, as you can imagine. I hope the version of "Clean Up Woman" by Betty Wright that we learned for her was good enough to coax her back sometime in the future. How about a little "Stompa"? Jaymz Bee dropped by with his Jazz Safari for the first set that night so it was a double thrill for the band. Do come out and stay late for our gospel rendition of "Let's Go Get Stoned". We like to end the night with it because it can give you chills upa yo backbone. "Sociable......."

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